The Work "Navigating and Negotiating Sound Architectures of the Night" is a major evocative multi-media black box theatre work. It engages with the poetics of night through an interactive structure of 84 abstract architectural models that are explored over time (multiple sonic / architectonic movements) through placement and spatial movement / displacement, as well architectural abstraction. A specially designed glass interface table, enables participants from the general public to interact with the work and become part of the performance. A computational sensing system and specially authored computer code enables one to juxtapose projection-like texture maps of night-related imagery, forming large format virtual / architectural landscapes presented as 4 large scale projections in the space. A 7 movement generative/interactive musical score is also driven via the interactive choices of the participants; and a series of 10 live audio improvisers also add additional layers to the interactive musical score. Multiple architectonic sculptures become part of the "set". Poetic Texts related to the night theme are also enfolded as part of the environment. The work is highly interdisciplinary and students from over 5 departments have been participating over the course of the year.

Navigating and Negotiating Sound Architectures of the Night
PIP ArtX_Rensselaer, Empac Studio 1, May 2016

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