Articles and Reviews


In “New Media in Late 20th Century Art”, Michael Rush
In “The Aesthetics of Digital Poetry”, Friedrich W. Block, Christiane Heibach and
Karl Wentz


"Red Dice"
Teri Hoskin, Photofile, month


"Die Kunst der Kombination"
Arnd Wesemann, Screen Multimedia


"Hot Spots: Text in Motion and the Textscape of Electronic Media"
Rudolf Freiling, Edited by Lynn Hershman Leeson, Clicking In-Hot Links to a Digital Culture

Leslie Sherr, Interview, Art and Technology


"Techno Stadt"
K. D. Davis, World Art, #4

Timothy Druckery, World Art, #4

"Collisions of Meaning and Free Association Paradigms"
Kusahara Machiko, Inter Communication Annual

"Chance and Accident, or Lessons in Future Poetics"
Morinaka Takaaki, Inter Communication Annual

"For Those Dressed in Black"
Jim Gasperini, WIRED, July

"Planet of Noise"
McKenzie Wark, World Art, 1

"Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction"
John Conomos, Photofile, April


"The Ecstacy of the Open Text"
Fay Brauer, Binocular, October

"Bitching About the Boundary-But Technology Leads the Edge"
Graham Coulter-Smith, EYELINE, Autumn

"Random Access, Beliebiger Zugriff"
Söke Dinkla, Mediagramm, June


"Bill Seaman at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery"
Elwyn Lynn, The Weekend Australian, July 6-7

"Interactivity in the Electronic Age"
Anne Barclay Morgan, Sculpture, May-June


"Art Ex Absentia"
Bojana Pejic, Artforum, April

"Re-Creation and Recreation/Scanning the Code"
Diane Mah, The Sydney Review, November

"Verse Things First in Video Poetics"
Dinah Berland, Long Beach Press Telegram, June 3

"Poetic Potential, Video Poetics at the Long Beach Museum of Art"
Lita Barrie, Artweek, June, 7, Vol. 21, #23


"Collaboration, The Spirit of the Eighties"
Kevin Concannon, Art New England, October

"Reclamations (To The Artist’s Voice)"
Simon Biggs, Mediamatic, Vol. 2, #2,


"The Primal Code"
Simon Biggs, Mediamatic, Vol. 1, #3

"Videonale Bonn"
F. Malsch, Mediamatic, Vol. 1, #3

"Text, Sound and Image, The Videotapes of Bill Seaman"
Dana Friis Hansen, Art New England, September


"Manhattan Shortcuts"
Ann-Sargent Wooster, Afterimage, November


"Local Aesthetic"
Kenneth Baker, Boston Phoenix, July 3