image: Bill 

Seaman | Howe Collaboration


Bill Seaman and Daniel C. Howe have a number of collaborative works in progress. They have started a new band using their names as the title of the band. The new album which will be released later this year is entitled Entangle. The work falls under what Seaman calls Alt.genre. It draws from many different musical forms-Glitch, noise, ambient, IDM, classical, Jazz, experimental, etc. It features Howe's Guitar and algorithmic guitar abstractions with Seaman on "restructured" Piano, and a multiplicity of highly layered samples structured within Ableton Live. Seaman is working with Howe on a new piece called A Machine of Machines (as visiting artist at CityU in Hong Kong). His collaborative work with Daniel Howe, The Architecture of Association was featured last year in the Chat Festival in the RENCI center, Chapel Hill; and in Paris as part of the major show Dan La Nuit Des Images in the Grand Palais and is also permanently (sic) installed in the East Duke Building, Duke University.