The Agent of Light and Sound

Bill Seaman 1993

From "Fragment Constructions"

The sound is adrift, released on the interval

Setting the edges on fire for the birth of the window

Place the sound surface, histories re-align

Silence and disturbance embrace, through the alchemy on line

Intuition with intention, in the dark through the fields

Recoiling and reflecting, apparitions in the shields

The agent's voice moves above the architectonic base

Which is triggered by the template of particle embrace

Dusk and dawn pulsing through the song of solemn light

The tongue of 4am tastes the evenings longing flight

A kiss and collision slip into blue and black

Seeking precision, the template draws them back

Melancholy salts, sing of silicon days

Playing the fire of vision - the voice of display

Then hiding away to listen, to build the sense of trace

To resonate the conception, function to displace

Transaction trajectories sing the sand of simulation

Machine of light collision displays the thirst for emulation

No anchors, no armatures, no housing for the figures

A simulated sensuality, satiates and triggers

Perpetual motion machine, they have entered as light

Feeling the screen of sound, and the motion of the site

Function of symbolic play, devices as extension

Light words decay, apparatus for reflection

Everything as something else, frame-sound and certain

Sets and vessels, code adhesives - emulate the curtain

Function flesh, erotic detail, figure of immersion

Remote touch the game as such a field of dispersion

Polyvalent landscape -- conduits, conductors

Lingo jargon pliant binders induce the inductor

Reproduction mechanism, enters the mesh erection

Speculation of facility, flexible connection

Surface of memory, symbol set contraction

Vehicles all floating, signal the abstraction

Artificial intelligence, fragments float in reach

An assembly of language-slides beneath synthetic speech

Just below the surface, intersecting elocution

Fields of similarity, an-analogy substitution

Metal-light measures, retractable and delivering

Philosophical constructs, screens for the shivering

Sly tools of eloquence, switch-state attractor

Modus operandi, code-engendered actor

Destination of intention, reflecting on reflecting

Branching blueprint entered, set for recollecting

A disposition or direction, an extension of the erotic

Biological abstraction, telepresent and robotic

The surrogate senses active, the light agent learns

Body of light and touch, tempting the return