The Blueprint of Sand

Bill Seaman 1993

They went to the screen, a system of lies.

The slip ring histories, axiomatic ties.

Emeshed and emitting, the golden clock rim.

Night and day spinning, lies let them in

Index triggered timing, perspective to gain.

Net move inertia, lies define the fine frame.

Sensual ring of memory, erotic taste clear

Resonant realm of time, immitation touch tear.

The ephemeral body, home of remorse

A surrogate emotion, catharsis on course

Mechanical balance, touch and tempt the invention

Release through the physical, reclusive extension

Through common code alchemy - the black box is embraced.

Replacement rings, synthetic rungs, the surface to erase.

A universal entry, secures the site of the plan.

Fingering the flywheel code, the password is at hand

The blank man resonates, agent angel un-bound

and dreams himself floating, abject actor - so sound

Outside medical advances, make the blank dream fold

And furnishes the flywheel, the signals take hold

Light and heat somnambulist, vision of the metals

Particles of magnetics become erotic petals

Body of intelligence, play silicon skys

Shift time emotion bank, scan blue eyes

Memory displacement, lies that look and linger

Collapsed beneath the set, a lock that looks at fingers

Memory set assumed, honed Houdini release

Re-edit history, hide the details now deceased

Assumed the dissecting, table the delusion

The Surface of time is stitched, banking on illusion

Ringing in the round, surface memory of skin.

Singing the black and blue cuts, lies let us in

Against the past pull, A low drum beats out time

The violence is arrested, repetitive and sublime

Setting off The Triggers, throwing chance with helping hands

Surface time is stitched, a blueprint built of sand