Exchange Fields (Spoken)

Bill Seaman 1999

thought becomes force, the circulatory fold of abstract physics

energy circulates becoming our exchange fields

the alchemical metaphor becomes code, the codes become enfolded

motion becomes thought, the flow of behavioral signals

light becomes information, response fields activated

informations becomes light, paths and returns

light becomes thought, trajectories and relays

thought becomes action, enfolded in response

thought becomes positional force, transference states, the body articulated

energy becomes action, circulation informs the fields

thought becomes energy, a return that inter-folds

proximity becomes a trigger, the physics of emotion dispersion

a body becomes entangled with an abstraction embodied

bodies become arousal, circulating emotives

the body becomes articulation, layered across the states

abstractions become one, the plural articulation

the drone lines becomes circulatory, angular musculature of the body-song

thought merges with the machinic flow, grasping for a balance

sexuality becomes a linguistics, the clock of abstract physics

dance becomes a return that folds, the abstraction of states of exchange

trajectories becomes gestural, reacting with precision

gesture becomes light flows, hand measures, trigger fields

motion becomes erotic, the touch field distances of abstract states

the boundary becomes a bridge, the physics of pulse edges circulating

a container becomes activated, and motivates the chain reaction across differing states

multiple vessels becomes engaged, inter-fields of energy

containers become saturated, held in suspension

a motion becomes ecstatic, a hovering balance of circulating abstractions

energy becomes transgressive enfolded in the circulation

the constraints becomes costly, no sliding off of meaning

touch becomes arousal, the tensile surface organization

emotion becomes confused, complex dimensions of release

vapor becomes a thought body, the woven arms inverted, inserted

breathing becomes energy, the voice of exchange

the body becomes a battery, the musculature of containment

a battery becomes a litany, alternate embodiment, a transference of the states

a process becomes a physicality, light flows into larger bodies, the summing of momentum

a word becomes a plurality, folding across the intervals

a plurality becomes a oneness, the plural musculatures of encoded articulations

a boundary becomes amorphous, this alternate perspective, the fine proximity

a site becomes the body cathartic, the body of information

mining becomes the metaphor of articulation, the exchange fields

a gesture becomes informed, grasping at the balance of abstractions intermingling

motion becomes poignant, grafting emotives, the life of emergence

an angle or positioning becomes a path to navigate, a circulation trigger

motion becomes you, emergent of flows