[Field Notes] Scans and Lines of Thought

Bill Seaman (for Janet Lawrence) 1993

The body is in proximity.

The thought is fluid.

The architecture of energy states becomes one with the architecture of the senses.

The nonseparation is the focus of one.

The material becomes thought in observation.

The motion within a field of stasis defines a passage for the viewer through eye travel. [scan]

The symbolism of the material points at the metaphysical through a paradoxical oscillation.

The alchemy of metaphysical foci is one with observation transfer.

The condensation of thought is manifested in the installation as a physical configuration.

The levels are qualified by subsequent layers.

Stasis becomes the amorphous frame for the flux.

Field theory points at the process of shifting - of the material pun.

Striations of signification form across the surface salts of investigation.

The silt of searches yields a golden thought energy relevant to alchemy.

Memory beyond mind is stored in the markings.

The surface memory of materials, of architectures and the body, are all clocks. [pre-mechanization]

The language of light is in evidence.

The open field is navigated.

The vicinity of odor defines a particular space.

The infinite [is] as expressed in the finite.

The circle of consciousness / unconsciousness is circumnavigated as one line in the process.

The mingling in mind forms a site [in relation].

The science of uncertainty finds an oscillating home in perception.

The material is itself and something other, accessing oscillating levels of meaning. [relative]

The fluid dynamics of chemical behaviours become one focus within stopped time.

The transformation rendered [still], an expression of form that is one with the space of thought [ temporary / emerging ]

[across a crystalline grid].

The scan is explored as opposed to the gaze.

The alchemical forms a conceptual allusion to the metaphysical through chosen material relations. [in mind]

A conceptually active meta-alchemical process unfolds.

The surface of oxygen - breathing, the circular, the cyclic becomes a chosen trajectory.

The collections are similar but different.

The language of matter is spoken with the elegant vocabulary of material articulation.

Given this physical reflection, the debris of thought is ordered, made material, sifted and shifted.

The form/antiform is open and closed across a set of cycles.

One bodymind becomes the vicinity of energy exchange.

The elemental sings across the grid.

The voice of matter is factual [pure] and moves from consonance to dissonance.

The symbolism of color sighs in breathing, a mechanism in balance.

The osmosis of energies flows across the vessels of thought within this process.

The synapse and the space between are one with this energy of observation.

The spatial aspects of colour become one focus across a scattered range.

Opposites fall within the elemental scan.

The formal boundries are pushed and broken open [contained across a larger sense].

The field of a sensual surface is held in check.

A core sample is examined.

The surface tensions of similar but different reflections generate the field.

The literal/metaphorical oscillation from one realm to another is bridged in thought and feeling.

The reaction potentials of proximity are engaged [perspective shifters].

The energy fields are moving containers which access throught triggers.

The energy is transfered into perception through sensual proximity.

The bridge embraces the quantum leap.

Waves and particles are two places at once through the indeterminate quality of light.

The space is bridged through thought energy.

The gap is one with the space which makes itself known [felt].

The slice is metanymic.

The core section is symbolic of the whole.

The pure selections are shifting based on the need of the suspended moment. [findings]

The field of possible recombinations, seeds the landscape of thought triggers.

The ashes are not aware that energy remains constant. [a geological drama] death

The periodic table is inhereted from alchemy.

The horizon of time moves away as it is approached.

The organic and inorganic are observed across the grid.

The make up of the body is elemental.

The body is primarily water.

The body is balanced.

A dry world falls in relation.

The sound of breathing is invoked.

The rare is shifting [still].

The spilt and the piled are placed in even vectors [relatively].

The language of materials speaks of a subtle sensuality through the syntax of surface.

The expression of decay is contained and observed.

The suspended moment defines the architecture across the states of matter.

The matter of proximity falls in relation to perception.

The poetics of scatter find a temporary housing [in thought] [proximity].

The poetics of dispersion are held through the containment of gravity [the gravity of a situation].

The splendor of surface tension quietly asserts its perfection.

The world between check and checkmate is traversed and forgotten.

The moving qualities of stasis are scanned.

The viscosity of material is a direct communication of a physical sensibility.

An equality of dispersion defines a non-heirarchical system.

The motion of the viewers eye and the position of the viewers body are one with the activation of the site

[The activation of sight].

Energy is one with the core focus.

The landscape of elements functions as a set of pure signifiers in the generation of the body of the unspoken text.

A terminology of geology is read [into] across the cartography of psychic reflection.

The archeology of energy is entered and observed.

A collapsed space is co-inhabited by the science of architecture and the architecture of science.

The body as architecture orders the patterns of energy transmission.

The arkane is sumperimposed with the common in the space of the observed.

The inner light of pure thought energy is engendered [the hermaphrodite].

The threshold of form/antiform is traversed.

The logic of the grid is answered as a question [hypothesis].

The mass of light is observed as materials reflect and absorb to varying degrees.

The energy of substance reflects itself as we come to understand it.

The alchemy of material emotion is the focus of the process.

Breathing continues until it stops.

The conceptual process of distillation can be seen in the light of similar processes found in the body...

The biological self stands with/against geological time.

The active forces in operation continue to be surveyed.

An ancient air is contained within certain thought architectures.

Breathing, memory is breathing.

The measure of light asserts itself within the mind space reflection.

The speed of light falls in counterdistinction to the speed of the surface.

The body architecture is verticle standing in relation to the horizontal landscape/culture.

Transformation of thought is the alchemy of the body.

Physicality shimmers across a field of equivalents, densities, melting points, hardnesses, electrical conductivities,

molecular weights, osmodic pressures.

The crystallised, the stringy, the cracked, the granular, and the dried are all witnessed.

Reversals and inversions sing across the labryinth of material allusions.

Indeterminancy is an attribute of the thought architecture.

Absorbtion shifts across boundries and categories.

The embodiment of light is reflected in the material.

Crosspolination becomes a focus of one.

The lingering atmosphere of the chemical reaction is pervasive.

The absense is felt as presence in the vicinity of between.

The intervals fall as measures through silence across the music of space.