The Design of the Grip

Bill Seaman 1989

Perfect pearl

Born of irritation

The fruit of sensation

The design of desire

Transparent sheen

A turn of the sway tongue

Precision biomotivator

Reflex know-how

Spun thistle carrier

Chain reaction

Trigger happy slap happy

Grasp on the game

Flames lick at the slip

Of the torch song tongue


Goes the tender of the pitch

Moving with momentum

Through the field of desire

Engineer the build up

Rifle the ad copy

Shift and resonate

Biorhythmic clutch

Throttle the bottleneck

Cultivate the catch word

Diversionary tactic

Pitch tender push

Watch the sway lingo

Hot house hands

Hold your horses

Hold your tongue

Champagne crossbow

Screwgun metronome

Sling shot slap shot

Snap shot shifting

Stuttering sputtering

Motorized clutch

Midwife jackknife

Halflife hot house

Acrobattery crosspolination

The conductor grasps

The design of desire

Holding coordinates

With hands of light

Heat moves

From a distance with finesse

Precision repetition

Precision reps

Motor through the branches

Torque and momentum

Collision of decision

Thought with spin

The conductor shifts

Molds desire

And handles

the holding pattern field

The ad hoc ad pitch

Tender of emotion

Holds fast

To the grab bag jargon

Touching the threshold

Of desire bearings

Motion at a distance

Move as one

The drill, dance, drive

Of the conductorÕs stream

Hones the housing

The handle

The hold


With light trigger embrace

The silent slinking

Of desire gears

Fillip through a jackknife

Half-life entry

Burst battery

Severed reserve

The handle

And the hold

Contract from the inside

Forces conducted

On the sheets of momentum

Scattering pollen

From the pearl flower

The mechanism moves

Smoothly in and out

Pulsing contraction

Golden frame

Internal clock


Cross pollination