A Rest

Bill Seaman 1993

From "Fragment Constructions"

sound a wooden ball like poison

a visual system to run in parallel

a split to click in

an electric run in general (the overall)

advances run amok

a young think twice

an advance to time

a moment to gain composure

spend a run around

in a matter of wording

{of minutes}

[the notes]

spend in thought

an answer that asks questions

blinkers bat an eye

a sense becomes

a clock that on the money (out of the hour)

advances on

[ a rest stop ]

at an arbitrary location

selected with skill

to make out that which can be made

that which is on the horizon

water and stone

out of the 5 and dime

what is "in store"

drink up the make

a complete

diverse make-up

a matter of frames

repair grids - green mesh