Telling Motions

Bill Seaman 1986

Revolving drums, revolving drones, carriers

Mapping the light trappings of a loss of resolution

I resolve to revolve in the realm of telling motions

For instants the incidents of coincidence at a distance

With lily light lies letting levels slide

A floating vessel side slipping against the tide

Teeter totters, seesaws, back and forth... back and forth

Drifting and shifting on a rotating schedule of skids

The gist is mist or moist with the tumbling twist of telling motions

The puzzle of puzzles is presented through sets of swollen notions

That swivel off the light machine, calculating error as an entrance

The shadow of a word from the glass wings of a housing

Is cast in darkness, setting in motion a sonic vision

Through systems both nervous and circulatory

With a balance beam, the diver, bit by bit, bit by bit,

Room reconstruction

A turn of events with circular breathing

Adds an air of tumbling willy nilly

From signs to sighs things go the way of pressure...

The path of least resistance

Mistaken identities and mixed metaphors are mumbo-jumbo

At the core of a boring book with splintered words

And enterings of dust

A scatterbrain scheme to simply dodge and weave

While boxed boxing terms tell telling motions to collide and generate sparks

Floaters and bobbers were born building histories on the fly

In the light of sound substitutions

The grafting of the glancing shivers and shunts

Casting reflections which are gathered and gone over

A true wheel within a wheel, pivots, crosses over, switches back, turns in on itself

A spine of light binds and blinds as telling motions turn