The Water Catalogue

Bill Seaman 1984

The Wake

The Wake is a time line

Moving out to the edges where sand is made.

The water clock is timeless but not silent.

Erosion whispers on the depth of time.

The swimmer goes diving in memory

Where certain details have been washed away.

Other thoughts rest in curious enclosures,

Temporarily suspended above the current.

The pool of thought is clear on the surface.

At its greatest depths light barley passes.

The thoughts that swim there go unnoticed.

A water wheel is turning,

Turning for a lifetime


Make light of water


Make light of water.

Make light of water.

A confused wave made its way to the TV.

The wave was thinking back on the old days,

Reflecting on its past.

It left a residue of salt on the circuits of set.

Corroded the wires.

Disrupted the current.

The TV set was solid state,

Simulated blue, black, and white.

On the top of the set was a blue box,

Above the blue box light.

On the circular box in tiny letters

It said

When it rains it pours.


The Glass Bottom boat Crew


A crystal glass filled to the brim

Was flung from a glass bottom boat.

I was drifting near by on a red air mattress

Keeping myself afloat.

The crystal skipped like a stone

And on the water table left little rings.

The sound that it made when it tapped the surface

Made the crew of the glass bottom sing.

I dove down under the water

And listened to the crystal clear sound.

Somber taps were leaking through

As the waves began to pound.

I held my breath and fathomed this

From deep down below.

Beneath the surface of the sound

Being tossed to and fro.

The waves kept perfect time

As they broke on the shore.

The glass bottom boat crew

Moved to the beat

As they watched me through the floor.

But the crew of the glass bottom boat

Couldn't sing to save their life.

So they chanted these words with determination

To relieve their life long strife.

Can you float me a loan

Loan me a float

Fly like a loon

Loan me a boat

Sing like a loon

A blue blue tune

Sing with the motor

Can you float me a loan

Loan me a float

Fly like a loon

Loan me a boat

Sing like a loon

A blue blue tune

Sing with the motor


The Fireman


A fireman went on vacation

To let off some steam.

The fireman was once a water boy

To be a fireman was his dream.

The fireman feels the force of the water

When he holds the hose and sprays.

He spend his time praying for fires

Waiting for days and days.

Now the fireman is water skiing

Skiing at his leisure.

The fireman take a diving spill

As part of his pleasure.

Velocity changes the feel of the waves

It's a easy thing to measure.

The higher the knots

The harder you fall.

Rug of knots not soft at all.

The skier leans into the liquid

Making temporary walls of white.

Water frozen in this position

Makes a building with Halls of light.

The angel of the hydrofoil

Hovers over the lake.

The fireman watches

With a drink on the rocks

And wonders if she is a fake.

Now the fireman

With fire in his eyes

Slowly began to speak.

Knowing full well

Of the fires down below

Made his knees go somewhat weak.

He said--

I saw a man walking on the water

I saw a man moving on the ice

I was thinking of a walk on the water

I had thought of it once or twice

There's been alot of talk

About the water walk

And water wings as well

When the well runs dry of things to say

There'll be another story to tell.

The first man was a carpenter

Moving on the water.

The ladder man was a fisherman

Walking on the ice.

A fisherman can find heaven in winter

Far from the human race...