The World Generator / The Engine of Desire

Bill Seaman 1996

quantum behaviours - the paradox engine

floating signifiers of the doubt progressions (arithmetic)

turn fold library of constellation puns

n spoke shunt jumpers

empty vessel theatre drives

shared oscillation reference fields

generator meta-constructs

random fall mechanisms

auto-positioning game board moves

meta-empty projection fields (in waiting)

snare set models

re-combinant code construction presence

inward and outward shunt vessels


large and small infinities of code vicinities

condensation dispersions of infinite re-definition

the looping turn bridge

pool loops / loop pools

room of memory collection debris

the tearing of vessels

The tear of vessels

endgame of architectural endgames

blue museum of theatre engines

null expression receptors

the physics of the void expression

word chain reaction trees

the positioning and re-positioning of object spokes

silent hands repositioning

the lie of luminosity | lay of the landing

reverse engineering paradox

fabrication illuminates the museum of emptiness

fabrications of emptiness in the museum of illumination

low light eye fabrication

structure signatures of sublime erosion

conducting bone transmission pulse bridges

drum language vessel engines

omnilocational eyes in the light of fabrication

sexual signal site abstracters and extenders

elegant locution | mouth of chance

desire exchange foci

arteries of arithemetics

solutions of doubt mixtures

energy of loss

recovery frames

spinning steadily in reverse equal to the speed of rotation

standing still | changing context

equations of symbolic orders and disorders

vessels of the dance

reorientation rebus

sound distances

sounding out situations

motioning clear

halation of magnetics

motionless flight of the conveyor

window trees

vast territories of the entropyless domain

optical futures

shifter eye constants

numb breather songs

throat of blood rust

symbolic duration of hair

phantom gestures of the body

amplification hands

slow flow / gravity of glass thoughts

blueprint of sand

silence as it circulates and slides

the skin of experience

functions of the desire bearings

physicality of the emotional hand

release of self-guided desire mechanisms

coordinates of resonant desire

vessels of the collapsed field

container release triggers

paradox engine maps

drifting non-arrival

drive collision mesh paths

floating destinations

remotional aggregates

felt expressions of the folding engine

a thought map which builds an expression

components of thought (re-embodied)

collapsing through generative mind sites

alife compartments

transfer skin | transposition

chess snare | forking map

self organising desire mechanisms

geometric falls

gravity of luminous hands

resonance scatter drivers

phantom limbics

architecture of thought weaving

violent ballet | quiescent repose

slowly sinking light ship

the circulatory lighthouse of blue sound

empty touch / blue void

ballet ship

born of the wreckage debris (reconfigured)

light flows across all void distance

looping fields of silence

simple gestures delineate the site of desire

eventual smooth equilibrium

a simultaneity of infinities

storage of desire collapse realms

dispersion of desire vehicles

entering - resonance architectures

self supporting architecture | definition room

self suspended

removal of time place

timesitems bridging

edge of the world parameters | landscape loop

behavioural voice

orders of magnitude | orders of behaviour

aleotoric driver re-alignment rebus

skin of reason (touched)

museum of the void

circulatory systems

arbiters of displacement

navigational memory

governor of rotation engines desire bearings

conveyor engines

tag shifters | tethered and floating


indexical shifters

mixed metaphor [mechanics]

an answer that asks questions

poly-syntactic rotation {objects}

word falls

Body theatre thought vicinities

entering - entering

navigating observation

observation containers

gestures of inclination

shadow triggers

behavioural conveyors

the null set relationals

screen blank vessels

a propensity toward inversion

the back of signs [storage sites]

Wittgenstein's handles

reframing the gaming field

pulse permutation shimmers

sound substitution sets

properties of inverse polemics

action at a distance [bridges]

non-causal chain reactions

recombinant architectures of information

molecules of thought ambivalence

soft sliding rules

transmutation trigger metaphors

once again removed

one word for another [place]

event window [s]

text behaviours

palpable exchange rotations

thought vessels

algorithmic holds

self aware entities

rotating schedules

conveyor vessels

felt behaviours triggered by non-entities

tactile turnstile conductors

de-contextual contact facilitater fields

false emulates in the netting

room pools

written in rotating drums

encoded function rooms

encrypted rule sets

levels of longing [elucidated]

elliptical or circulatory cross-pollination metaphors

compound collection machines

recollections recombined [false history generator]

code book looks ups

invention generator pulse rhythms

cadence of the trigger variables

apparatus for reflection dispersion

amorous theatre screen mesh

sexual web of perception alloys

carnal | canal

amatory ambience of tender decline

sensorial net drive assembly

fundamental conveyor shaft

morose transference mechanism

shaft passage conveyor

drift course resolve

apparatus shelves

spindle axis vehicles

blue voiceprint snare

angles of envelopment

uncertainty angles| allusive sextant

shaft beam labyrinth

rotary emission beacon merge

loaded dice object spins

radial illuminations

gyro-linguistic stabiliser

rotation schedules of revolving desire bearings

dispersion potentials

desire bearings

conductor desire shells

hands of light gestures

alchemical symbols | alchimeral slink

x (...............) y

false emulates of the rotation stands

swivel location fulcrum

circulatory map disruptions

face of light spool

photosynthetic metaphoric fields

doubled over | layered spindle turns

crossed object turnstiles

selection spindle weave

bridge fasteners and repulsion keys

electriconnector contact mesh

folded doubles

oblique enablers

chemical endgame memory flights

biogenetic code plays

bio-endgame storage

digital spill containment vessels

KING and QUEEN electro-transfer ducts

cohesion resonators

rarefied fields

alchemical remembrance

trace balance elements

association valence

paradox shells

meta-lily | periodic vessels

pataphysical drift configurations

trollers of the light realm

thought with spin

sleek oblique luminous links

meta-engine nets

distributor of thought engine filters

table of non-predictable alignments

angle of incidence or inception carriers

dis-logistic sparks of dispersion semantics

angles of percussion and recoil

inexhaustible diffusions

thrown meaning | sliding means

scattered association

oscillation valence

spark of the skew gap

meta-sliding function | poetic engines

function engines of alternating strings

engines of sliding field oscillation

domain of rotation

blind skill within the shells of silence

meta-operator voices

the desire engine and the agents of oscillation

the sensual transference mechanism

the realm of the desire engine

circumnavigation rings

cycles of relatives

eye of the needle | eye of the loop

tower of babel | eye of the storm

the light of distance

quantum jumps without falls

recognitive resonance

a suspended net sentence

suspension suspended

engendered strings of sonic fields

in the light of absence

puny hardware

mercurial tropes

parallel stream drivers

exploded objects of quiescence

transitional poetics of disembodiment

surrogate sense fields

conundrum domains | bridged and fused

chess theatre drum snare pair

a trap of folded fields

alchemical relatives

objects which turn in on themselves

inversion objects

poem of the exploded word

gathered misnomers

revolving glass door

arboretum of reciprocal inversions

acrostic architectures of collapsed time

bodythought compressions

site which fabricates sites

personal cipher machines

encryption system strings

trap door code names

anagrammatic exchange objects

camouflaged key word states


poly-syntactic emblems

coded compartments

trade craft decoy ploys

books can become like shoes... [slogans]

ligature of the light passage bodies

hands of information

floating function rooms

indeterminate arcs of reaction

location sensitive self regulating rules

the desire object reflection mesh

a room which gets ahead of itself

[fabrication] housings nestings vessels and levels

turn puns which loop around an axis / access

sung round of rotations

a pun spun and retouched

frequencies of event windows

nested generator rebus bridges


world within a word

a machine to generate or navigate puns

speed of reflex thought implosion

delta-set shunts

pataphysics of introspection

skin of light

tongue of the labyrinth

elevator sentence

radial means

cross a book with a landscape

a periodically relative battery of scores in scale / one to one

optimal use of uncertain information

the profession of release

displacements | a machine of exchange