A China of Many Senses (2012)

Bill Seaman with Todd Berreth
generative installation / architectural projection
documented at Nasher Museum of Art, Durham, NC, featured exhibition at CHAT 2012 Festival
custom software written in C++/OpenGL, digital video/audio source material.

Bill Seaman, Principle Investigator and Artist (concept and initial design), Todd Berreth (programming and additional design).

The artwork is driven by a software engine, written in C++ and OpenGL.  In real-time, it recombinately composes a library of disparate elements, video and image content, 3d models and musical passages, into an evocative dynamic collage, media landscape and hyper-constructed assemblage.  A China of Many Senses specifically juxtaposes imagery from China's past and present, highlighting the tension of a country rapidly becoming the world's industrial powerhouse, while coexistently maintaining many of its ancient modes of existence. It frames, orders and builds with these materials, using a vocabulary and grammar of designed behaviors and construction typologies, diagramming and displaying the permutations with standard modes of architectural representation.  The effect is to create a projected virtual space with a dizzying sense of logic, scale and balance - an imagined organic and built landscape at once both regimentally ordered and colossally haphazard, filled with both epic and intimate construction and permeated with history.

A China of Many Senses explores the aesthetic potential of utilizing standard architectural visualization techniques and an algorithmically modulated, database-driven virtual environment to create a dynamic poetic space, which may provide suggestive and often unexpected insights into an incredibly relevant and interesting contemporary condition.



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A China of Many Senses (Nasher version) (h.264, 1920x1080) (10:00) (465.2mb) (right click->Save Link As....)

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screen captures of generative software (click for larger image) :

Copyright © 2012 by Bill Seaman.