Sea Howe collaboration | Architecture of Association

Architecture of Association

Bill Seaman and Daniel Howe
generative video/audio/text installation

The Architecture of Association is a large-scale, generative artwork that draws associative links between media elements to form an evolving visual collage. A distributed flow of image, video and poetic text is "intelligently" distributed over a number of display surfaces. As the work is emergent in nature, it does not repeat sequences of images or texts but instead dynamically generates a continuously recombinant network of associations. In 1995, Seaman coined the term 'Recombinant Poetics' to articulate a set of generative virtual worlds.

Exhibition History

2010 [Version 3.0] Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI), CHAT Festival 2010, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

2008 [Version 2.0] Dans La Nuit Des Image, Paris, France

2008 [Version 1.0] MIS Musem, San Paulo, Brazil


Copyright © 2012 by William Seaman and Daniel Howe.