Seaman Van Berkel collaboration | Inversion


Bill Seaman and Regina Van Berkel
dance, performance, installation

Inversion is a dance/installation, a collaboration with the dancer/choreographer Regina van Berkel that explores the topic of Nanotechnology through a poetic text, a musical score, the "A Hybrid Invention Generator"-like system functioning in an auto-generative mode, two linear videotapes, a set of sculptural elements, and variable lighting. The hour long work was choreographed in relation to the musical score. All images, the lights and dance fall in perfect counterpoint with the music.


poetic text

inversion music (download .mp3)

sketch plan (download .pdf)


Exhibition History

2001 Steps Festival, Lausanne, Switzerland

2001 Holland Dance Festival, Den Haag, Netherlands

2001 Vision Ruhr, Dortmund Germany

Copyright © 2012 by William Seaman and Regina Van Berkel.