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Inversion - Bill Seaman (2001)

A micro-machine
builds a smaller machine
which in turn
builds a machine more minute.

A cascading continuum of descending steps
sweeps downward and inward
Ad infinitum
The n-machine is conceived..

Tightly coiled threads
inform the fabric of the bio-machinic

In this zeno-centric universe
a small finite space
opens inwardly onto the infinite.

Potentially intersected,
synapse distances
are swiftly traversed.

In an extended coupled motioning
mind becomes expansive.

The technological horizon turns
a n-code pun spiraling and
kinking in on itself
with self-assembled chemical-determination.

Time slips across
the vicinities of predicition
Actuating one fold proximity while altering another.

The arch-code arrives at the specific granularity of machinic n-space.
The sentient frame is potentially entered, augmented and inverted.
The auto-assembly devices seek out
a holding pattern, a vibration architecture, a pulse-constant zone.

The code is inhabited and made salient.
The thickness of light becomes an illusive relative.

The coded action of folding, folds.

Electro-biochemical code flows
Float the ultra-fine lines of
the ever decreasing interval apparatus.

The chemical triggers
set in bio-machinic motion this
desire for folding.

The circulation of energy states
is accomplished through precise time-based
repulsion and bonding architectures.
The bridging of the levels enables the articulation
of this encoded structured coupling.

Self-assembling construction engines
are engendered and become exponentially multiplied.
They are not without their gravity and relative internal forces.

N-border domains are built and breached.
The bounds are subject to spillage and
unexpected particle behaviors.

Artifacts and residue
of the folding processes
are washed away
and later congeal with unknown consequences.

Cyphers function through the
self-assembly of the machinic entities.
N-computers are grown in their own space.
Bio-mathematical trajectories of anti-potential
give the code a means to defend itself against itself.

Informed territories of n-dimensional intersections
form a precise rule-based landscape.
Every atom functions in the balance
of these living machine architectures.

The folding machine is actuated.
The body falls in relation, enters the equation and also folds.

Compared to the granularity of the lived assembly
The n-level is illusive.
Its quantification disrupts its multi-valent flows

across ranges and terrains.

The n-procedural set is potentially volatile.
The self-assembly process might flow onward against human intervention,
utilizing all relevant solutions.

Emotion is generated,
at the thought
of this focused uncertainty,
where the autonomous activity of n-processes
may silently slip out of control.

Within the detail of the electro-chemical thought procedures
A change of context could be made manifest
In the approximate space of the original context.

This displacement is
Is both internalized and
The inside and outside become zones of inversion.

The human genome can be automated
with n-bot bio-folding mechanisms.
Twisting the auto-generative code
to reformulate the n-machinic body.

A bio-machinic genetics
orchestrates the entire altN.domain.
Everything is code at this level.
Everything has its operative
Rule-based bio-logic.

N-virtual space skitters off in all directions -
The hallucinatory experience functions across a series of code levels where the
structural coupling brings about the appearance of these authored

The physical world
stands to be shifted and restructured.
Alt.code processes bring about
the recomposition of matter and energy.

The matter of the human genome
is functionally bridged by a
compound code of physical logics.

Layered patterns are systematically
set in motion.
The new natural logic overlays and replaces
the existing set.

The inversion procedure is mapped
or at least becomes an awareness, a force,
a shifted knowledge base.
The dance of this patterning,
abstracts the observation of the n-terrain.

The nature of nature is turned inside out
The distance of this n-machinic layer
is beyond easy grasp —
The clumsy granularity of touch.

Each level is itself an abstraction - a code-veil.
Moving procedurally
up and down through the levels,
phenomena is reflected in a circulating code-set.

An amino acid string
behaves in a dancelike motion:
the string kinking,
curls around,
becomes crimped,
and folds back, in
upon itself
in a highly individual and specific fashion.

Through hybrid-code couplings
substantiations are brought to bare.
Electro-chemical processes yield
definitive forms.

Across these levels
one always remains attached in process —
structurally coupled across domains.
The autopoeisis is made expansive through technological bridging.

The veils are witnessed through the distance of scale.
and become structurally coupled with the observer
from the distance of the humane.

The scale enables a precise controlled folding.

A chemical dance that merges with the actual.
The outside and inside are temporary zones
where technological passage takes place.

The shape of the fold is determined through the
precise order in which the different amino acids
are distributed along the chain.

An engendered controlled collapse born of
the electro-chemical splices
the genomic embrace mechanism.

The layering of levels of n-code architecture -
where layers go down in scale not in depth
enables the subtle
domain of the invasive.

The n-code is a
molecular ecosystem,
the recombinant substrate of all things.

Ramifications slide
at the human process level,
not unlike the momentum of falling
just before sleep.

The code is compiled at a chemical distance.
Commands flow across the neighboring zones, levels and fields
potentially slowing the half-like clock
through metabolic shift.

The importance of empty space is heightened
Qualities of vibration set the internal frame of the n-context.
Emptiness is central to the n-code terrain standing in relation
to the periodicity of form — the enabling of a precise bio-structural definition.

The convertability of the periodic terrain opens out a
An extended living paradigm.

Distance defines a scale.
The domains are not isomorphic.
The logics of the terrains collide and/or intermingle
across the domain levels.

Energy and matter processes are always one
A reflection of process - motion makes the contiuum sound.

A physical code
A chemical code
A behavioral code
A code of ethics
A code of silence and controlled vibration.
A code that is in continuous translation
The N-cybernetic zone of sway.

For each n-machine a second n-machine is defined and collided.
They then articulate their auto-assembling internal code logic
And build a n-machinic assemblage
of involution architectures.
Superimposition fields flow across foreign territories.
A singular domain unfolds.

A recombinant text built of n-machines
circulates media-elements.
Constructions of n-machinic displays flow in reciprocal arrangements.

If everything is already code
Slow glass contains code reflecting
The collision resonances
Of scales and distances —
Becoming transparent.
The substantial merger of bio-systemics and architecture.

The rupture that forms a container...
Protective suits are built of n-code viruses.

The devices are self actuating
on the molecular level.
The machinic molecular flow is disrupted via a
subtle technological bio-embrace.

The vibration maintains the coherence of the object
and sets the frame of the n-object in motion.
A cyclical set of periodic rhythms
sounds out a coherence.
Intermollecular attraction between complimentary fabrications can assemble
complex structures from solution.

Another paradigm of spatial patterning observes the half-life of a thought.
The point were a material can no longer be folded

forms a boundry condition. A bio-technological merging with the senses is envoked.
Activated n-bots shift the definition of knowledge -
The illusive pattern domain.

After the senses — infinitely small events channel the speed of light flows.
Synthetic knowledge is an accumulation of pattern histories and
relational observations.
A knowledge body exists
where the physical fold is interpenetrated
with the conceptual fold which in turn is enfolded with the code...
Becomming one.

There is a momentum that builds up
across the fold domains.
A potential shutter passes through the n-object, becoming one with the n-subject.
The inversion functions on the level of subject/object.

The question is:
will the n-object remain intact
"The actual building of the organic stuff
is conducted atom by atom with the amino acid chains" R. K.

Vast emptiness intermingles with
the periodicity of form. The recombinant architectures.
This physical code,
on spatial folds
and relative distances.

The code populates all attributes of the volume.
The volume has spatial tendencies.
This world is not isomorphic
with human scale form.
Behaviors at one level are unique to that level.

How can we have the code
inform itself
of the history of its ramifications.
Can we program an ethics?

The haptic, the sensate,
is a vehicle of the code on one level,
Potentially Informing other levels
that in turn react and/or are affected — the bio-cybernetic loop.

How many codes can be superinduced

in one spatial code?
A crash in the code in one territory
Filters and flows across the levels affecting the physical across multiple scales,
qualities of valence and vicinity.

The neighboring has adjacencies
and meta-levels.
The extension of the senses
inhabits every level of the n-territorial domains.

At what scale is color described --
how does its charged field flow, tumble, and ripple across the neighboring

The compound iragami vicinities
Suspended in solution
Interfold the multiple planes.

Yet these meta-levels
are home to their own level functionality.

Simple inventions
are being scaled
one by one into this non-isomorphic domain.

The intermingling of code devices is
born of electro-chemical code processes -
the solution environments.

The transdisciplinary subject is polyvolved.
A universe of universes moves in the scale of a needle eye
The hybrid invention generator is auto-generative

The boundries
are subject to spillage / to ruputure.
The border domains are easily breached,
human scale imprecision

Cryptographic fields become
Chemical equations.

The skin of architecture, the garment, the retort, the body
are all permeable
by these code vehicles.

The grammars of attention

emeshed across the levels
form clumsy bridges from scale to scale,
orchestrating the n-chemical counterpoint.

Energy and matter processes are always
in motion and depend on spatial folds,
relative distances and n-scale forces

The body is informed
The haptic, inserted n-device
the sensate, is a vehicle of the code
observing the autonomous inertia of it own potentials.
Thought is subtly moved.
The delicate repositioning through bio-machinic augmentation.

Copyright © 2012 by William Seaman and Regina Van Berkel.