Neosentience and Electrochemical Computing

"Chip away at Neosentience", artist talk
Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany (2012)

Neosentience – A New Branch of Scientific and Poetic Inquiry
Related to Artificial Intelligence, Bill Seaman and Otto Rossler,
Technoetic Arts, Volume 6 Number 1 (2008)

Pattern Flows: Notes Toward a Model for an Electrochemical Computer
— The Thoughtbody Environment (2006)

Pattern Flows | Hybrid Accretive Processes Informing Identity Construction (2005)

Endophysics and The Thoughtbody Environment – An outline For a Neo-Computational Paradigm,
published on the Internet, paper given and delievered at Cyber Art Bilbao (2005)

(Re)sensing the observer
Offering an open order cybernetics (2004)

Toward The Creation of an Intelligent Situated Computer
and Related Robotic System: An Intra-functional Network of Living Analogies

The Illusive Nature of Context: The Negotiation of the Thoughtbody