Major Works


Architecture of Association (with Daniel Howe)
[Version 2.0] Generative Video / Text
Dans La Nuit Des Image, Paris, France

The Architecture of Association (v2.0) develops the original concept to create rich media landscapes from real-time associative processes. The work will use keywords, meta-data and custom clustering algorithms to make "informed" selections from the databases, bringing associative material into proximity for a particular duration. These informed selections will create a network of changing relations, stimulating thought and reflection on key concepts poetically related to "communication." Thus this "collage" of associations functions as a generative "idea bank," with sets of relationships dissolving slowly in across the set of screens, then dissolving away only to be replaced by a new set of media materials drawn from the databases. The work seeks to provide a changing set of "intelligent" associations to continually provoke thought, drawing viewers into active contemplation of their own associative processes. Where other works might diminish in interest over time, AoA attempts to be provocative in an ongoing manner, continually renewing itself in an emergent fashion. An ambient audio track, synced to the pace of the recombination engine, plays simultaneously in the space.