Major Works


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Nabi Art Center / SKT Building installation, Seoul, Korea
Generative Graphics / Video / Text / Soundtrack
with Yeong-woong Cheong

Communication<->Space or Com<->Space (2007), is a collaboration between Korean graphic designer/programmer Yeong-woong Cheong and Seaman. The work expands Seaman's set of exhibitions related to the Thoughtbody Environment and Neosentience [ongoing collaboration with Otto Rossler] and extends Yeong-woong Cheong's work in terms of computer graphics/video generative systems. A large-scale generative visual poem is presented on a number of large format screens in the lobby and outside of the SK building, Seoul. The poem addresses the notion of "communication" from many perspectives. Seaman shot video in Seoul and across the Korean countryside. A combinatoric poem Seaman explores many notions of the space of communication and the poetic communication of space. The work addresses many different forms of communication, person to person, person to machine, machine to person, machine to machine, body to mind, mind to body, neosentient machine to neosentient machine, person to neosentient machine, neosentient machine to person, environment to person, person to environment.

Video images juxtapose the "moving" motion-graphics visual poem and are presented in the dynamic multi-screen format of the SK building. The engages the general public. A large set of video segments form a database that is drawn from, to juxtapose with the poetic text in an open, chance-oriented, ongoing, generative manner. It explores the beauty of the everyday and all that it communicates (Recombinant Poetics). Seaman composed an IDM ambient techno track that plays in the building lobby, repeating every hour, falling in with the flow of the changing poetic space of images and text.